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Osteopathy on the Costa del Sol - Insights behind the scenes

Updated: May 22, 2023

Osteopathy at the Costa del Sol

Why did you open a new osteopathic practice in Spain - that's what friends and acquaintances ask. First of all, there is my love for this wonderful country. But also the coincidence of a very moving meeting. A little insight into my very personal travel story as an osteopath and alternative practitioner.

Spain - do you also love the sound of the sea, the pleasant warmth of the sun, the delicious culinary dishes and the southern musical rhythms? For me, the Spanish language alone sounds like music to my ears. I experience the people here as very social, helpful and open. Málaga and the surrounding area in particular have captured my heart and captivated me. This city has an incredible charm for me. It is characterised by its historical past, art, culture and cheerful, warm-hearted people. It all fills me up and feeds my soul.

osteopathy marbella

And if you ever want to spend your holiday in Andalusia, here are my personal travel highlights that you shouldn't miss:

  • Málaga: Alcazaba – Fortress and palace complex, harbour with Muelle Uno, the cathedral, Picasso's birthplace and museum, Roman theatre, Caminito del Rey, mountains and the sea.

  • Benalmádena: Puerto Deportivo, Stupa - buddhistischer Tempel

  • Marbella: Puerto Banús

  • Granada: Alhambra

  • Sevilla

  • Córdoba

  • Ronda

  • Nerja: Balcony of the South

A clinic for osteopathy in Málaga

Why a practice for osteopathy on the Costa del Sol? My daily work in Germany

(Zentrum für Osteopathie und ganzheitliche Medizin) no has any free time slots. By one of these coincidences, life led me to a clinic in Torremolinos, a suburb of Málaga, where patients with cancer are treated - a visit that was to change my life.

Osteopathy shows human stories

Working with people suffering from cancer is a special challenge for me, if only because my linguistic talent is required. The patients come from America, France, England, Switzerland, Russia, Croatia, Germany and many other countries.

Each client tells me his or her personal illness story. All of them are unique and touch me deeply. As individual as each of these stories is, so different are the treatments. Every patient needs a form of therapy that is specifically tailored to him or her and that is necessary. Sometimes it is first of all a conversation or coaching that can help to rethink one's own life, to uncover behavioural patterns and blocking emotions and to bring them into solution through special techniques.

Osteopathy sees the patient as a whole

Physically, I mainly try to harmonise and rebalance the body systems, such as the immune/hormonal/nervous/cardiovascular and lymphatic systems (more about this in a following blog). I do not primarily treat a tumour, but the patient as a whole.

The art here is to recognise at which level help and support are most urgently needed. Here in Málaga I have the opportunity to apply all my knowledge, just as I do in my practice in Germany. Be it from osteopathy, naturopathy or also from coaching for personal development.

Osteopathy in Torremolinos

To be able to do this work in Spain (see my website for more information), I always have to recharge myself with lots of energy, positive thinking and a clear mind. Málaga and this wonderful environment give me the strength to do this. For this I am grateful from the bottom of my heart.

I am very grateful to be able to have valuable new experiences. Here in Spain, however, I am not only there for patients with cancer. I hope that I can support and accompany as many people as possible, be it on a physical or emotional level.

I would also like to send a heartfelt thank you to my colleagues in Germany at Zenomed. They take over a large part of my work and support me while I carry out the work here in Spain.

osteopath marbella


Sybille Heinzl, Osteopath/healing practitioner

  • Osteopath for adults and children

  • Clinics in Malaga/Spain and in Lehre/Germany

  • To the online consultation : Online-Sprechstunde

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