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Fall in love with the process of being the best version of yourself.

Online consultation

with Sybille Heinzl
(Natural practitioner, Osteopath, Coach)

Listen, listen........give space!

That also means being impartial.

In my treatments as well as in all coaching sessions, this freedom from values and neutrality is a basic building block.

Every patient, every client is individual, has their own path in life, their own potential and goals that want to be carried out into the world.

I have the confidence that every person has their own resources, solutions and skills and that something beautiful can grow out of every difficult life situation.  

I would be happy to make these `miracles`, solutions and perspectives for your very personal concerns visible in a conversation with you.

I accompany and advise you in all life situations, with problems in relationships, at work or with self-clarification processes.

I would be happy to arrange a first non-binding discussion. Call me or write me a message. 


  • Partnership & relationship

  • Personality development

  • Uncover belief/behaviour patterns

  • Positive mindset - more joie de vivre

  • Stress relief

  • Relaxation/breathing exercises

  • Nutritional Recommendations

  • Exercise/sport


  • Competence

  • Life experience  on a personal-social + professional level

  • Support in difficult life situations

  • Confidence in your process

  • Define + achieve objectives

  • Activate and stabilize resources  

  • Develop solutions together

The appointments take place by appointment via video call (Zoom, Skype).  

If an agreed appointment cannot be kept, the appointment must be canceled at least 24 hours in advance. If the cancellation is not made or is canceled too late, the entire fee for the corresponding unit will be charged.

Coaching - advice

50-60 minutes

initial consultation                   € 110.00

follow-up appointments          € 95.00                

Payment is made via PayPal or bank transfer  

and must be received before the appointment.

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