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Sybille Heinzl - Osteophatie

Osteopathy for adults

 See the Big Picture in every human 


Osteopathy is a philosophy, a science and an art.


The founder of osteopathy was the american physician Dr. Andrew Taylor Still (1828-1917)

Osteopathy is a holistic therapy who only uses her hands for examination and treatment. These techniques consist of mobilization, pressure and pushing techniques up to very subtle treatment techniques.

It is used for the diagnosis and treatment of functional and structural disorders of acute and chronic symptoms.

Osteopathy is based on precise knowledge of anatomy, physiology, pathology and embryology.

It consists not only of techniques, but also includes philosophy and wisdom.

The aim of the treatment is to use manual techniques and therapeutic exercises to release blockages and tissue tension, restore mobility and promote self-healing and regenerative powers.

What are the four areas of osteopathy that are interconnected?

1. The parietal osteopathy

2. The visceral osteopathy 

The main focus of parietal osteopathy is the musculoskeletal and supporting apparatus, i.e. the bones with the associated joints, tendons and muscles.

Possible reasons for consultation:

  • Back and shoulder pain, neck tension

  • Dizziness

  • Temporomandibular joint problems

Visceral osteopathy deals with the internal organs, the fascia, the blood, lymph and nerve tracts.

Possible reasons for consultation:

  • Indigestion, stomach pain

  • Respiratory problems, asthma

  • Menstrual cramps, bladder infections

  • Scar

3. Cranio Sacral Osteopathy

4. Biodynamic Osteopathy

The focus is on the skull, spine and sacrum with the central nervous system contained within.


Possible reasons for consultation:

  • Headache migraine

  • Fatigue syndrome

  • Jaw discomfort

  • Scoliosis

  • Sinus problems

A further development of classical osteopathy is "biodynamic osteopathy". It speaks directly to the power of life that is inherent in every human being. This is regarded as the engine for the self-healing powers and is the force that drives the development and unfolding of the organs and all tissues during the embryonic phase.

Among other things, I specialize in:

  • Psychosomatic Complaints

  • Burn-out syndrome

  • Mental and physical traumata

Sybille Heinzl - Osteophatie
Sybille Heinzl - Osteophatie
Sybille Heinzl - Osteophatie
Sybille Heinzl - Osteophatie


1. Anamnesis

Discussion about current complaints, previous treatments, existing operations and accidents of the patient.

3. Treatment + Diagnosis

The osteopathic techniques range from manual mobilization to pressure and pushing techniques to very subtle treatment techniques. The aim is to find the cause of the symptoms, to restore the mobility of the structures, to stimulate the body's self-healing and regulatory powers and to restore harmony for everyone functions.

2. Investigation

Examination while standing, sitting, lying down. Active, passive movement tests. Patient perception.

4. Prognosis + Recommendations

Sometimes one treatment is enough. A treatment usually consists of 3 to 5 sessions. This is followed by advice on possible nutritional recommendations, exercises or other therapeutic, supportive measures.

Sybille Heinzl - Osteophatie

Osteopathic treatment for adults

First Visit includes Examination, Case History, Diagnosis, Prognosis, Treatment and Advice : 

50 - 60 minutes / 110,00 €

50 - 60 minutes /  90,00 € (+ 21 % IVA in Spain)

Further treatments

45 - 60 minutes /  90 €- 110,00 € (in Germany)


If an agreed appointment cannot be kept, the appointment must be canceled up to 24 hours in advance by telephone or e-mail. If the cancellation is not made or is canceled too late, case law provides that the entire fee for the corresponding unit can be charged.

In principle, billing is based on the scale of fees for non-medical practitioners. Most health insurance companies reimburse the costs proportionately for osteopathic treatments.  

Privately insured or benefit recipients will be reimbursed if naturopathic services are included. Please ask your health insurance company about this!

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